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Hello, thank you so much for stopping by to see my blog! I am a full time mommy married to an amazing Romanian man and loving life! I love being a mommy and working with children of all ages. I enjoy having the gift of investing in little lives and watching them blossom.
I am a Christian and am dedicated to making my life count for Jesus Christ. I want to help others find and live the best life possible which is only possible through Jesus Christ.
I am committed to a natural and wholesome way of life. I love feeding my family rich, whole meals, and am totally a country girl caught in the city. :)
I am currently working on my own home based business and am learning the ropes of blogging and marketing. I love the challenge and truly look forward to have more money to help those I love. If you have questions I would love to share with you my journey thus far. :) You can use the form below to contact me and ask me any questions you would like :) 

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